What is Krav Maga?


It’s a simple defensive practical self defense system that could teach you how to prevent, solve and overcome any type of violence situation and attacks. It is a practical and realistic. It is a tool for survival.

It was first used in Israel for military purposes, but in present times the system is adopted and modified to civilians, law enforcement, military, woman self defense, children self defense, SWAT units, VIP and other costumized types.

Generally speaking, Krav Maga is not a fight sport and not a martial art. We do not have forms, competitions and from the self defense point of view completely unneccessary movements and practices. They might be nice and beautiful otherwise, and personally I really love to see what a human body is capable of, but all in all it is useless in a case of protecting yourself. There are so many better things to practice if the goal is self defense. Krav Maga focuses on those techniques.

Simple and easily learnable. How? There are very similar solutions for different problems. The techniques we use step by step built up on the technical skills of the trainee, and they are based on the same principles and way of usage. When a student realizes the similarities, he/she can learn very fast and develop even from training to training.