About the training

The training:

Pašaizsardzība in Latvian means ‘Self defense’.Pasaizsardziba logo
This is not a martial art! This is not fight sport and we are definitely not a Fight Club. Here you learn how to have a little bit bigger chance to survive any violent act.

You don’t get a magic pill, there is sweat, hard work, a lot of fun meanwhile you may get friends and learn to survive.

The trainer:

A0431F5E-01F1-4173-92FC-6C48FBEAFB4BMy name is Péter Cziráki. I am a Hungarian, a father, a husband and an expert in violence.

I started to learn self defense and fight sports in 1998. (Wado karate, Kyokushinkai, Escrima and many other styles I’ve tried) I met Krav Maga in 2010. I learned it from Robert Bennett and later from Andrey Zolotin and I received my Civilian Instructor Certificate in 2019 in Prague.

I hold a BsC in Architecture, I have a Sports Coaching Certificate, have a lot of hobbies and I live in Latvia for many years.

Please, feel free to contact me if you would like to join to our trainings or get more information about it.

Adult training only. Age limit 16 with parental consent.


  • 45€/month
  • 7€/training
  • 40€/month for military, law enforcement, fire rescue service and medical personnel.

E-mail: petercziraki82@gmail.com

Phone: +37129467104